Please join us in welcoming back the following Counsellors for 2020

Camp Director, ​Terry Stone

I was born and raised in Cambridge Ont. My wife (Renee Michiels Stone) along with our two children (Maggie 12 and Curtis 9) have lived and worked throughout Canada for the last 15 years, as Renee's occupation with the RCMP was one in which we had to relocate. She accepted a posting close to her hometown of Ayr, which will allow her to finish her career here, and are happy to call Ayr home again.

Athletics and physical activity have played a major role in my life. Participating in Baseball, Hockey, Football, Squash, and Golf at various levels throughout my playing career. My focus has switched to coaching and teaching over the last number of years. Being a Certified Coach with Football Canada, Baseball Canada, Hockey Canada and have been affiliated with the CN Future Links Junior Golf program. I am currently employed @ Inside Edge Hockey and Skating school as an Instructor in Cambridge. This along with a number of certifications and seminars required for the position of a Recreation Director and a Minor Sports coach at various levels have given me the opportunity to gain valuable experience to design and implement a high quality and energetic Multisport and Recreation Program.

I had the opportunity to introduce this program as a Recreation Director and Athletic Coordinator in Prince Edward Island prior to my family moving back to my Wife's hometown of Ayr. The program was received with such great reviews, that many other towns and cities throughout Eastern Canada have introduced the camp to many of their councils and organizations.

Mission Statement

ND Sports’ mission is to support and/or create sports programs for kids and the community and promotes the employment of youth in the community.